About Us

Introducing Gym Bro Mixer, the #1 Brand for Electric Protein Shaker Bottles! The Gym Bro Mixer is a powerful electric shaker bottle that offers a smooth blend for any beverage. No more strenuous shaking or disgusting clumps. We have taken away the headache of manually stirring and shaking your beverage mix!

Every athlete needs a Gym Bro Mixer, easily mix your pre-workout, protein shakes, or any beverage of your choice in just 15 seconds! Enjoy your perfectly mixed beverage with the simple lift of our built in straw.

We appreciate all of our loyal customers who have joined the Gym Bro Army! We look forward to reading all of your reviews :)

Contact Information:
Mailing Address - 2734 North County Road 198, Fremont, Ohio, 43420
Company Email - gymbromixer@gmail.com